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No agreement reached on caretaker prime minister, says Sherry Rehman

PPP Faisal Kundi denies receiving Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s name
Climate Minister Sherry Rehman during a press conference in Islamabad on July, 24, 2023. Sceengrab via YouTube/Aaj News
Climate Minister Sherry Rehman during a press conference in Islamabad on July, 24, 2023. Sceengrab via YouTube/Aaj News

The coalition partners have not come to any agreement over the name of the caretaker prime minister, Climate Minister Sherry Rehman said on Monday amid reports that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was the first choice for the top slot.

“No name has been shared with the Pakistan Peoples Party,” she told a press conference in Islamabad. “A 3-member committee has been constituted in this regard which will inform [party] leadership regarding the names.”

The minister went on to add that coalition partners along with other political parties will be included in the discussion regarding the name of the interim prime minister.

“For now, PPP is concentrating on the economic situation which has broken the back of the common citizens,” she stated.

PM’s aide on Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Faisal Karim Kundi also rubbished the reports of PPP receiving Dar’s name for the caretaker prime minister.

“Three names will be shortlisted for the caretaker prime minister after all parties give names. These names will then be discussed with the opposition leaders,” said Kundi, who accompanied Sherry at the press conference.

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Kundi called for holding the elections on time, saying: “Election should be held within 60 days. Some of our allies want to hold elections in 90 days which is also in the Constitutions”.

The PPP has also concerns regarding the census, he said, adding that the election should not be delayed due to census.

Reports were circulating that Dar had emerged as the leading candidate for post of caretaker prime minister.

Sources said that the parties in the ruling coalition and even the International Monetary Fund have agreed on bringing an economic expert for the top slot, as Pakistan moves towards election.

Dar nearly confirmed to Adil Shahzeb of Dawn News on Sunday that Section 230 of the Election Act 2017 was set to be tweaked in order to empower the caretaker government. The decision would expand the interim premier’s powers.

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