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Wednesday, February 28, 2024  
17 Shaban 1445  

Who will be caretaker PM if allies don’t agree on Dar?

Dar's name reportedly has NAwaz's backing
File photo.
File photo.

PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif himself has thrown his weight behind Ishaq Dar’s name for the caretaker prime minister slot, but there are alternatives if the allied parties in the government do not agree.

Reports said that delegations between the different parties in government will meet soon to decide a final name for the post.

The main reason for the circulation of Dar’s name is to ensure continuity in engaging with the International Monetary Fund. Holding office during the caretaker government would allow Dar to keep coordinating with the Fund’s officials.

Reports have also suggested that the IMF is also in favour of having an economic expert as the caretaker PM as Pakistan continues to navigate tough economic conditions.

Still, the PML-N has an alternative in case the Dar proposal does not get the favour of its allied parties. Sources said Nawaz Sharif is in favour of appointing a retired bureaucrate to the post.

The caretaker PM is appointed by the prime minister in consultation with the opposition leader in the national assembly.

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