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Maria murder case: Victim’s brother, sister-in-law remanded in custody for four days

Senior inspector Ali Raza replaces Sub-Inspector Ahmed Raza as investigation officer

Judicial Magistrate Talat Javed has remanded two suspects in custody for four days in the Maria murder case, as a sister of the victim called for justice.

Police arrested the victim’s brother Shehbaz, who had made the gruesome video, and his wife Sameera on Sunday and presented them before the judicial magistrate. They added that Shehbaz’s DNA samples have been sent to the forensic lab for tests.

Toba Tek Singh case is the murder of Mariam Bibi, aka Maria. She was smothered to death by her brother who confessed to the murder to the police on Saturday.

Maria was killed on the night between March 17 and 18 and buried quietly. A few days later, a video went viral showing Faisal smothering her as she lay listless on a charpoy. Her father, Abdus Sattar, was sitting on the same charpoy and he offered a water bottle to Faisal after he finished the job.

The viral video led to the arrests of Faisal and Abus Sattar and the exhumation of Maria’s body. Authorities collected samples for forensic examination.

Maria was subjected to incest by both the suspects, her brother Faisal and father Abdul Sattar, according to Shehbaz.

On Saturday, the victim’s sister Kausar Bibi claimed that the body of Maria had marks of torture when the family bathed her before burial. She also accused her father and brother of killing her sister and demanded justice for her.

Meanwhile, DPO Ibadat Nisar has replaced Sub-Inspector Ahmed Raza with Senior Inspector Ali Raza as the investigation officer of the case.

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