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Pakistan desires to work with US for achieving shared goal of peace, Shehbaz tells Biden

Premier responds to US president letter
A combination of file photos of US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Reuters
A combination of file photos of US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Reuters

In response to United States President Joe Biden’s letter, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan attached high importance to its ties with the US.

Both countries had been working together on various significant initiatives in energy, climate change, agriculture, health and education sectors, the premier said in response to the US president on Sunday.

The cooperation between the two countries on the energy sector and Green Alliance framework was welcoming, the PM Office Media Wing quoted the prime minister as saying in a press release.

The premier further wrote that “Pakistan desired to work with the US for the achievement of shared goals of global peace and stability and regional progress and prosperity.”

On Friday, the US president a letter to PM Shehbaz and assured Islamabad of continued support from Washington as the country tackles global and regional challenges.

After promising support on a host of issues, Biden also underscored the need to protect human rights.

“The enduring partnership between our nations remains critical to ensuring the security of our people — and people around the world — and the United States will continue to stand with Pakistan to tackle the most pressing global and regional challenges of our time,” President Biden wrote immediately after opening the letter with “Dear Mr. Prime Minister.”

Biden indicated that the United States was also ready to support Pakistan on health, economic growth, energy and education.

Earlier this month, at least 31 members of the US Congress called on the Biden administration to withhold recognition of Pakistan’s new government until elections are investigated.

The letter was addressed to President Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. It called for a “thorough, transparent, and credible investigation of election interference” before the new government is recognised.

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Questions related to the same issue were raised during a Congressional hearing on March 20. US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu, who appeared in the hearing, said that general elections in Pakistan seemed to be as per law but there had been “irregularities” in how the results were compiled.

When asked about his position on the incumbent government despite rigging allegations, he said that the Biden administration was seeing the investigations being conducted by the Election Commission of Pakistan to look into them.

“We call on the ECP to fulfil its constitutional role to be the watchdog and work in a non-partisan way and the way they do it,” Lu had said.

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