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PTI’s Marwat describes ex-CJP Jillani ‘misfit’, says party will challenge appointment

Imran Khan’s lawyer Naeem Haider Panjutha also counters Jilani's appointment

PTI leader Sher Afzal Marwat has described the former chief justice of Pakistan Tassaduq Hussain Jillani, who will preside over the inquiry commission to probe judicial meddling claims, as a “misfit”.

In a post on X, formerly called Twitter, on Saturday, he rejected the inquiry commission and announced that the party would challenge his appointment.

Earlier in the day, the federal cabinet announced that the retired would be the head of the inquiry commission that will investigate charges of executive and intelligence agencies’ interference in the judiciary.

Six Islamabad High Court judges — out of a total strength of eight — in a letter to the Supreme Judicial Council on Tuesday claimed that attempts were made in the past to pressure judges through abduction and torture of their relatives as well as secret surveillance inside their homes.

According to the Terms of Reference, the commission will fully investigate the allegations of the IHC judges and determine their veracity, if any. It will also investigate if any official was directly involved in judicial interference and suggest action against any agency, department or state institution based on the facts unearthed.

The commission will also be at liberty to investigate any other matter during the course of the inquiry if it feels the issue to be important.

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The federal cabinet repudiated the allegations of the IHC judges and declared them to be “inappropriate”.

A statement issued by the Supreme Court on Thursday quoted CJP Qazi Faez Isa as saying that interference by the executive in the affairs and judicial workings of judges will not be tolerated.

Marwat in his post said the matter at hand concerned the dignity of the judiciary and CJP Isa should have taken a suo motu notice of the issue.

PTI lawyer Naeem Haider Panjutha wondered how a retired judge can head a commission related to the serving judges.

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