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Toba Tek Singh murder: Brother confesses to raping, killing sister

Police also arrest Maria’s other brother and his wife
Maria, the victim
Maria, the victim

Over 10 days after a young woman in Toba Tek Singh was strangulated to death by her brother as the other family members look on, a key development was reported on Saturday. The prime accused Faisal confessed that he not only murdered his sister Maria but also raped her, police said.

Maria was killed on the night between March 17 and 18 and buried quietly. A few days later, a video went viral showing Faisal somthering her as she lay listless on a charpoy. Her father, Abdus Sattar, was sitting on the same charpoy and he offered a water bottle to Faisal after he finished the job.

The viral video led to the arrests of Faisal and Abus Sattar and exhumation of Maria’s body. Authorities collected samples for forensic examination.

Maria’s other brother Shehbaz, who was present on the scene when the young woman was killed, told police that Faisal and Sattar had raped Maria multiple times in the past before killing her.

A preliminary medical report confirmed unnatural dead as Maria’s neck bones were found broken.

Police was initially allowed to interrogate Faisal and Sattar for two days.

On Saturday, the police again produced the duo before a local magistrate who remanded them into police custody for another four days.

It was revealed then that Faisal had confessed to rape and murder.

Meanwhile, sources told Aaj News that police had also arrested Shehbaz and his wife Sumera for allegedly aiding and abetting the crime.

The arrests were not officially confirmed but Shehbaz’s lawyer Advocate Zafar Chaudhry told reporters that the two were equally responsible for Maria’s death and that he was not going to represent them in the court.

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