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Biden writes to PM Shehabaz to assure support, raise human rights

Enduring partnership critical to ensuring world security, says the US president

In the first top-level official correspondence between the United States and Pakistan in years, US President Joe Biden has written a letter to Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and assured Islamabad of continued support from Washington as the country tackles global and regional challenges.

After promising support on a host of issues, Biden also underscored the need to protect human rights.

The contents of the letter were shared by the United States embassy in Islamabad on Friday.

“The enduring partnership between our nations remains critical to ensuring the security of our people — and people around the world — and the United States will continue to stand with Pakistan to tackle the most pressing global and regional challenges of our time,” President Biden wrote immediately after opening the letter with “Dear Mr. Prime Minister.”

Biden indicated that the United States was also ready to support Pakistan on health, economic growth, energy and education.

The US president referred to the “Green Alliance” partnership between Pakistan and the United States. The initiative is helping Pakistan in meeting its climate, energy, water, and economic needs.

President Biden said the US support “includes advancing our shared vision for a future of greater health security, economic growth, and access to education for all.”

“Through our U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” framework, we will also continue to strengthen our climate resilience, support sustainable agriculture and water management, and assist with Pakistan’s recovery from the devastating floods in 2022.”

“The United States remains committed to working with Pakistan to protect human rights and promote progress,” the president said.

He then added, “Together, we will continue to forge a strong partnership between our nations, and close bond between our people.”

Imran vs Shehbaz

Biden never called former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan after becoming the president in January 2021.

Imran Khan’s government anticipated a phone call from him but it was denied the courtesy.

In October 2021, press reports claimed that Islamabad had approached the Pakistani-American community to arrange a phone call between Biden and Imran Khan. The plans never materialised.

The relations between Islamabad and Washington deteriorated by the start of the following year and Imran Khan accused the United States of hatching a conspiracy to remove him from power.

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