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Sunday, March 03, 2024  
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ECP rejects rigging claims, explains why EMS stopped working

Adds that EMS was affected by closure of mobile services
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The Election Commission of Pakistan has rejected claims of rigging in the recently concluded elections in the coutnry, adding that massive challenges were surmounted in organising the polls.

In a statement issued on Monday, ECP said that tmany had expressed doubt over whether elections would be conducted on the appointed time but the Commission made sure that they went ahead as per schedule.

The Commission also said that it not only had to make sure election materials were kept intact but also had to ensure that election staff was kept safe in the light of recent acts of terror.

The ECP also added that it would have been inappropriate to put the lives of people in danger just to transmit results quickly.

The statement also said that even in places where it faced challenges, no party was favoured over another.

ECP said that Election Management System worked fine from the Returning Officer’s office However, presiding officers could not use the EMS app to transmit results due to disruption of mobile signals and had to physically travel to the RO offices, which delayed results.

The statement also added that the first result in 2018 had been transmitted at 4 am while the first result in 2024 was transmitted at 2 am.

While thanking the government and law-enforcement agencies for help in organising elections, ECP rejected claims of rigging. It added that some minor complaints had been received which are being addressed.

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