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Friday, February 23, 2024  
12 Shaban 1445  

US lawmakers call for investigation of alleged election fraud in Pakistan

State Department urged to refrain from recognising results until credible probe
Polling officers count ballot papers during the general election in Karachi, Pakistan, February 8 2024. Reuters
Polling officers count ballot papers during the general election in Karachi, Pakistan, February 8 2024. Reuters

With results coming in for the third day, several United States lawmakers raised concerns over the transparency and fairness of the election held on February 8 in Pakistan.

The 12th general election, after months of delay, was held on Thursday amid deteriorating law and order situation and alleged election fraud or interference as US lawmakers urged the State Department to investigate the polls before giving them recognition.

Representative Ilhan Omar called on the US State Department to refrain from recognising the results until “credible, independent investigations have been conducted into the numerous allegations of misconduct.”

“I am deeply troubled by reports of interference in this week’s election in Pakistan. The legitimacy of any incoming government rests on fair elections, free of manipulation, intimidation, or fraud,” she wrote in a post on X on Saturday.

Omar urged for a transparent democratic process and true representative government.

It is pertinent to mention that the Foreign Office of Pakistan earlier today said that some statements against the elections were not even factual.

“We are surprised by the negative tone of some of these statements, which neither take into account the complexity of the electoral process, nor acknowledge the free and enthusiastic exercise of the right to vote by tens of millions of Pakistanis,” the FO statement said.

Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett showed concerns over reports of vote manipulation and interference in Pakistan’s election.

“I agree with the @StateDept that we need a full investigation. The will of the Pakistani people must be respected,” she posted on X.

Congressman Greg Casar said that the US should ensure that a credible, independent investigation is completed before recognising a result.

“We must protect democracy & the will of the people,” he wrote in an X post.

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“I echo the @StateDept call for an investigation of election interference & fraud in Pakistan,” he stated.

Representative Lisa McClain shared similar views saying that the sanctity of free and fair elections is pivotal to upholding democracy around the globe.

“I stand by calls from the @StateDept to investigate claims of election fraud or interference in Pakistan. Your vote is your freedom,” she stated.

For Congresswoman Susie Lee, the election in Pakistan was another reminder that democracy is fragile and there was a need to stand together to protect it across the world.

“I join the @StateDept in calling for a full investigation into claims of interference or fraud in Pakistan’s recent elections,” she wrote in a post on X.

Representative Michelle Steel also called for an investigation into the election.

“Free and fair elections are essential to democracies,” she wrote in a post.

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