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Saturday, March 02, 2024  
20 Shaban 1445  

New year brings higher inflation for Pakistanis

Report reveals inflation is higher in urban areas compared to rural
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The first month of the new year saw an increase in inflation, putting more burden on the Pakistani public, latest statistics have revealed.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics revealed in its report for January that inflation increased by 1.83% in the month to 28.34%.

This brings the average infaltion from July to January to 28.73%. However, inflation has still seen a sizable decline from the historical high of 38% from May 2023.

Inflation is measured using the Consumer Price of Index which contains a basket of 100 essential items.

However, the report also revealed that inflation is higher in urban areas compared to rural areas.

In urban areas, inflation increased by 1.81% in January to 30.23%. In rural areas, the inflation stood at 25.69%.

Chicken prices increased by a whooping 31.44% in the month of January.

Prices of vegetables increased by 8.31% in January, while prices of spices increased by 7%.in

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