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Saturday, March 02, 2024  
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The hospital raid by undercover Israeli commandos frame by frame

Israeli authorities say commandos killed three gunmen in the hospital

A screen grab of CCTV footage from Ibn Sina Hospital in the West Bank, city of Jenin appears to show Israeli commandos, disguised as Palestinians, including one wearing a woman’s headscarf and one wearing a white medical coat, pacing the corridor with rifles.

Reuters was able to confirm the location by hospital signs, colour and design of the door and walls seen in video which match file footage and Reuters coverage from the scene.

Israeli authorities said the commandos killed three gunmen in the hospital, one of whom they accused of planning an imminent attack.

The dramatic operation in the early hours of the morning was the latest in a series of incidents in the West Bank, which has seen an explosion of violence since the Hamas-led attack on Israel on Oct 7 and the subsequent invasion of Gaza by Israel.

Niji Nazzal, the hospital’s medical director, told Reuters the three were executed as they slept, shot in the head with silenced pistols in the room where they were being treated.

Hamas claimed one of the dead as a member. The allied faction Islamic Jihad claimed the other two, saying they were brothers. An Israeli military statement said the IJ members had been involved in recent attacks.

Hospital sources said one of the three, Basel Al-Ghazzawi, had been paralysed when he was wounded by shrapnel during a clash between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in October, and was in a wheelchair.

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