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Wednesday, April 17, 2024  
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China’s tiny battery that could power phones for decades without recharge

The developer says the battery measures less than a coin
Photo via Betavolt Technology
Photo via Betavolt Technology

Betavolt Technology, a Chinese company has developed a new nuclear battery that could power mobile phones for 50 years without charging, Tech Radar reported.

The compact claimed that the battery employs 63 nuclear isotopes to generate 100 microwatts and a voltage of 3V of electricity through the process of radioactive decay.

The battery reportedly measures less than a coin at 15 x 15 x 5mm.

Currently in the testing stage, the company is planning to mass-produce the batteries for devices such as phones and drones among other electronic devices.

The success of the technology is likely to revolutionise electronics as it will minimise the need for chargers or portable power banks for phones and other devices which will keep on running for decades.

While the term nuclear energy sounds scary, Betavolt claims that its BV100 battery will not catch fire or explode in response to punctures or even gunshots.

At present, nuclear batteries are used to power spacecraft, underwater systems, automated scientific stations as well as crafts like the Mars rover.

The company used nickel-63, a radiactive element, as the energy source and then diamond semiconductors as energy converters.

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