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What GenZ workers want in a workplace?

The younger workers have introduced trends such as moonlighting and quiet quitting
Alipay employees work in the Shanghai office building of Ant Group in Shanghai, AFP
Alipay employees work in the Shanghai office building of Ant Group in Shanghai, AFP

As the technologically advanced Generation Z became an essential part of workforce, the organisations will have to find ways to adapt to this younger workforce’s expectation.

The companies will need to introduce flexible working schedules as young employees do not seem to like working typical 9-5 jobs, while trends such as quiet quitting and coffee badging have also challenged the status quo of enterprises.

Traditionally, companies have a minimum eight-hour work day, however, the younger generation of workers needs flexible timing along with independence from showing their presence in office premises while on duty.

Companies that fail to adapt to such an evolving workforce, may struggle to hire and retain the workforce, paving the way for talent gaps and less diversity.

They will have to rethink their hiring and retention strategies to create a dynamic work environment.

GenZ job trends

The quiet quitting trend is described as when employees put in the minimum amount of effort to keep their jobs but do not go the extra mile for their employer. Coffee badging, also a GenZ trend, refers to when workers come to their office, have a coffee, chat with coworkers, and then leave.

These trends have pushed employers to reconsider their policies to hire and retain talent.

A thirst for opportunities that allow them to make a difference and expectations of monetary compensation drive young employees to actively explore new organisations and jobs.

This resulted in the emergence of trends such as job hopping and moonlighting which highlights GenZ’s urge for growth and diverse skill acquisition.

In Job hopping, an employee stays at a job for around one to two years and then move on to find another opportunity. Moonlighting refers to a situation in which an employee works more than one job. Usually, the moonlighting employee has one full-time job and one part-time job.

Robust work environment

A robust company culture is also one of the main attractions of GenZ workers who like being in progressive and inclusive working cultures.

An environment where employees feel they are heard, seen, and appreciated and are provided with opportunities to grow is the utmost priority of GenZ workers.

Importance of technology

When GenZ is discussed, the role of the latest technology can never be omitted.

This generation grew up in a time where technology remained dominant. They are highly equipped with the latest technologies and go out into the job market with exceptional online navigation skills compared to millennials or the older generation.

In any field, they will want advanced technology to smoothen their pace of work while bringing immense tech value to the workplace.

The companies will need to continuously upgrade their technology infrastructure to successfully recruit and retain this new generation.

Healthy work-life balance and accommodations

With their immense knowledge due to their reach to technology, GenZ job seekers know about the trends in the job market and always compare their workplace with others that are giving more benefits to their employees.

As such, they expect perks and privileges besides a competitive salary. They will be attracted to benefits such as healthcare coverage, relocation programmes, mental health support and paid time off.

Training, and mentorship programmes specialising in diversifying their skill set and opportunity pool, are also one of the few aspects that attract young job seekers.

A healthy work-life balance is also among the important factors for GenZ. They will want to stay with an employer which gives them space and time to manage their personal lives and not burden them with officer work even after they get off of their job.

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