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Saturday, March 02, 2024  
21 Shaban 1445  

Yumna Zaidi’s new photos trigger storm of comments

With velvet peach coat and palazzo Yumna is wearing black net blouse
Instagram (@yumnazaidiofficial)
Instagram (@yumnazaidiofficial)

Fans’ all-time favourite Yumna Zaidi is being criticized for her recent photo shot. A storm of comments erupted just after she shared images on Instagram where followers gave their views about her outfits with mixed thoughts.

Bakhtwar, Tere bin, Sanf-e-Ahn, and other hit serials not only devoted her fame but also boosted fans who did not want her in inappropriate looks. Fans are also eagerly waiting for her best Tere Bin’s sequel 2.

Currently, her pictures are collecting lots of likes alongside anger from folks, asking her not to wear such dresses which don’t suit her personality.

With velvet peach black polka dots designed with coat and palazzo, Yumna is wearing a black net blouse and gloves.

However, the Tere Bin actress is being criticized as an Indian fan and advised to not wear such dresses.

Yumna Zaidi just did a fashion shoot for her sister’s brand. She shared the video on her Instagram and fans were not too happy about her outfit choice.

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