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Wednesday, February 28, 2024  
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Nawaz will not be able to save himself from disqualification: Mandokhail

Athar Kazmi says it is unlikely that Imran Khan will get relief before elections

While Nawaz Sharif’s legal hurdles are rapidly falling away, Pakistan Peoples Party’s Qadir Mandokhail believes that he could face trouble overturning his disqualification for public office before the elections.

Speaking in Faisla Aap Ka on Thursday, analyst Athar Kazmi said that audios and videos can form a political narrative but have no value in court.

He added that Judge Arshad Malik’s videos was used by the PMLN to claim that NAwaz was incident, so why had the party not decided to pursue it. He added that even Nawaz Sharif’s legal team has seemingly understood that they would have to fight the case in court and the video would not help.

Kazmi said that Nawaz wished to solve his legal troubles as soon as possible as elections were just around the corner.

Pakistan Peoples Party leader Qadir Mandokhail said that Nasir Butt, one of the characters linked to the video scandal, has regularly been seen aroudn Nawaz Sharif.

He said that the courts declare audio and videos to be admissible and such a huge piece of evidence should have been placed before the court so the acquittal could come easy. He added that Nawaz had instead opted to go abroad.

Mandokhail said that Nawaz would not be able to save himself from disqualification as he was relying oneElection rule 57 which had been amended to limit disqualification to five years.

He added that on the other hand Articles 62 and 63 of the constitution were very clear and did not specify the time of disqualification. He added that while the constitution was superior to the election rules, the matter would ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.

Mandokhail said that with the election schedule likely to be announced by December 16, there was a likelihood that the matter of Nawaz’s disqualification would not be solved in time.

PMLN’s Senator Afnan Ullah Khan said that alot of people wish that Nawaz Sharif should not become prime minister. He said that alot of people had written that Nawaz wouls not return to Pakistan on October 21.

He said that he had been present at the IHC on Thursday and personally thought the case would not go on for very long.

Khan added that the rule did not specify a 5-year disqualification when Nawaz had been removed from office. He said that some things operate through rules as the constitution cannot be amended for everything.

The senator said that legal strategies had to be made by the legal team but there was no doubt that the judge Arshad Malik video was authentic.

Kazmi said that it seemed unlikely that Imran Khan would be given any relief before the elections and it was unliley that he would be able to campaign for the elections.

He said that the important point to consider was what lessons would Imran Khan learn after going through the whole experience. He added that Nawaz had gone through a similar experience but had not chosen to value his workers and was instead taking people like Raja Riaz onboard.

Afnan Ullah Khan said that cases against Nawaz Sharif had been concocted which is why they were rapidly unravelling in courts.

He added that those who criticised justice being given to Nawaz should also mention how cases agains Asif Zardari and Faryal Talpur had ended.

In response, Mandokhail said that Zardari and Talpur had chosen to fight their cases in Pakistan while Nawaz had flown out with royal protocol and was now being welcomed in the same way.

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