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Wednesday, February 28, 2024  
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Kalabagh youth saves 100-year old tree from being chopped down

The century-old tree has now been planted at a janazagah
How did the young man save the 100-year-old tree from being cut down? - Aaj News

A youth in Kalabagh town of Mianwali district in Punjab saved a 100-year-old banyan tree from being chopped down and donated it to a local janazagah, a ground where funeral prayers are offered.

According to details, the tree existed near a restaurant on Railway Bridge in the town. The owner sold the restaurant, after which it was decided to chop down the 100-year-old tree.

After being informed of the plan, Malik Zahid decided to save the tree by purchasing it for Rs18,000. He then called a gardening expert from Faislabad and had him dig the site around the tree to free it from the ground.

The tree was then taken out as a whole from the ground through a crane and put on a cargo truck. Soon after, the administration of a newly built janazagah requested Zahid to donate the tree to the ground.

Consequently, the tree was planted at the janazagah, while the digging and shifting of the banyan tree cost Zahid more than Rs100,000.

However, Zahid was happy as the tree was saved from being chopped down.

He said that he undertook the difficult task as these decades-old trees were the beauty of the town.

According to him, the tree was planted at a place where it was needed the most. He said that his action was an example for others to save trees and greenery in the area.

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