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Aafia Siddiqui’s condition worse than before, says her sister Dr Fowzia

Meets with her sister in US jail; demands closure of FMC Carswell

Incarcerated Pakistani neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui met with her sister Dr Fowzia for the second time in two years at a prison hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, on Monday.

In a video on X, erstwhile Twitter, Dr Fowzia shared the update and described the situation as “today they got the key”.

In one of her earlier videos, Dr Fowzia claimed that she could not met her sister on Sunday as the jail staff had “misplaced” the prison key.

But on Monday, she added that the room where she met with her sister was better cleaned as compared to the last time, however, they were separated by a window.

Jail authorities did not allow to have social interaction with her sister, Dr Fowzia said and added that the FMC Carswell needed to be “shut down or a whole overhaul. It’s inhuman, cruel and ruthless.”

“We were in separate rooms. The size of the table was less than before and I felt she was in worse condition than before,” she said as she started crying.

“We were just crying during the meeting. We cried for almost half an hour.”

Aafia’s lawyer Clive Stafford Smith also wrote on X about the development.

“The Siddiqui sisters met today; FMC Carswell finally worked out how to open the door to the cell. But they would not let sisters hug or even touch. For much of their 4hr visit Aafia was weeping at the suffering she is enduring,” he said.

Siddiqui was sentenced to 86 years of imprisonment by a US federal court in 2010 after being convicted of firing at US troops in Afghanistan while in their custody and other six charges against her.

Earlier this year, Dr Fauzia and Smith claimed that the Pakistan’s government did not do enough to bring Dr Aafia back to Pakistan.

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