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First trailer for “Grand Theft Auto VI” on December 5

The previous GTA video game sold around 190 million copies
Photo via X/@RockstarGames
Photo via X/@RockstarGames

Rockstar Games said it will release a trailer next Tuesday for the first installment in a decade of “Grand Theft Auto,” video-gaming’s controversial blockbuster.

In a minimalist post on social media, the company said that “Trailer 1” would be released on December 5 at 1400 GMT, in an image showing a sunset sky and palm trees.

Even though the post did not mention GTA specifically, this seemed to substantiate media reports that the sixth installment would be set in the a fictionalised version of Miami.

Rockstar Games is known for keeping a tight veil of secrecy around its releases, never giving a date in advance contrary to general industry protocol.

Last year the studio was the victim of a hack, with over 90 images and videos appearing on social media, in what is considered to be one of the biggest leaks in video game history.

It remains unclear whether GTA VI will be released next year or in 2025 as Rockstar has a history of announcing games more than a year prior to their release.

GTA V has sold around 190 million copies, according to Rockstar parent Take-Two Interactive, making it the best-selling game in the United States for the past decade based on both unit and dollar sales.

One of the most famous franchises in the world of video games, GTA has never been free of controversy, due to its sulfurous mix of violence, sex and gangster life.

Previous episodes have seen players take on roles in the Italian mafia, follow in the footsteps of “Scarface” kingpin Tony Montana, or slip into the shoes of a former gang member in Los Angeles.

The series has been heavily criticized for its particularly misogynistic depictions of women, caricatures of minorities and its use of torture.

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