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Sunday, February 25, 2024  
14 Shaban 1445  

Teenage girl allegedly kidnapped for ransom in Lahore

Abductors demand Rs3m ransom to release her

Unidentified men kidnapped a teenage girl in Lahore on Thursday and demanded a Rs3 million ransom from her father to release her, said a complaint registered with police.

“Action should be taken against the unidentified men to release my daughter,” the victim’s father Masood, who is a trader by profession, said in a first information report registered at the Millat Park Police Station.

The incident was reported two days after unidentified armed men opened fire at a private college bus in Lahore, leaving two female students injured. Students were going for a trip from Patoki to Kashmir when they were attacked.

Thursday’s alleged kidnapping FIR was registered under Section 365A (kidnapping or abducting for extorting property, valuable security, etc.) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

The abducted girl was named Samawia, 17. She was kidnapped while she was returning home from her Punjab College, which is located at Battery Stop, Multan Road, according to the FIR.

When the family got worried that the girl did not return home, Masood’s two sons received a message: “We have your daughter and if you want her alive, so arrange Rs3 million within two hours. If you did not arrange the money you will lose your daughter.”

They claimed that they had the data of the abducted girl’s family. But they later asked to send the ransom in cryptocurrency.

Masood told police that her daughter’s life was in danger.

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