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Hashtag #MaryamNawaz trending after her son’s divorce

For no reason they spent our money on their short-term marriage, says a PTI supporter

A social media quarrel has started between PTI fans and PMLN supporters after the news confirmation of the divorce between Maryam Nawaz’s son Junaid Safdar and Ayesha Saif.

Although, the divorce happened between Maryam Nawaz’s son and Ayesha Saif, but Maryam Nawaz became instant target of netizens.

#MaryamNawaz Hashtag is on the top trend on X in Pakistan.

A day before Junaid Safdar, confirmed the news regarding his divorce with Ayesha Saif, posting the ratification on his Instagram he said, “I request the media to respect our privacy.”

But supporters of PML-N and PTI have entered into a new fighting phase to defend their leaders and bring past memories of all the comments hurled against PTI leader Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi marriage by Maryam Nawaz and PMLN supporters.

In response to a privacy request, an X user said Maryam always made personal attacks on former premier Imran Khan, her wife, and her kids.

Some of X users termed Maryam the reason behind the couple’s divorce.

“For no reason they spent our money in their short-term marriage,” says a PTI supporter.

Social media users also shared posts of Junaid’s marriage festivities where he was singing sad songs.

Junaid tied the knot with Ayesha at a lavish reception at the Lanesborough, a swanky hotel in Knightsbridge on August 22, 2021.

His parents, Maryam and Captain Safdar did not attend the wedding as they were not allowed to leave the country.

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