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Friday, February 23, 2024  
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MDCAT ‘retake’ an expensive affair to add student’s miseries

Before rushing into the implementation of this suggestion Sindh government should have thought from the student’s perspectives as well.

This is the unsaid rule that public universities announce a call for admission after the admissions process is done in medical universities.

It’s possible that public universities such as the University of Karachi and Federal Urdu University will announce admissions in November. Everything seemed smooth till now, but since the Inquiry Committee has suggested, the Sindh government ordered the retake of the Medical and Dental College Test, (MDCAT) 2023 again which garners concerns.

The Inquiry Committee was set up because it was reported that the MDCAT paper had been leaked before the exam.

Around 40,000 candidates appeared for the MDCAT test for 1,700 seats. The test was conducted by the Jinnah Medical University (JSMU).

Only this time one witnessed medical camps, and facilitation counters were set in all the centers, as well as candidates were given water bottles, biscuits, juices, and candies during the exam.

If we estimate per head would cost up to 150 only for snacks, its total will be around 70,000 rupees.

Waiting areas in wedding halls closer to exam centers were arranged for parents and other people who were accompanied by the candidates which definitely amounted to extra cost for this test only. Furthermore, stationary and other accessories are added to the cost.

The point of concern is how these 40,000 candidates would wait for the retake, and how the government will arrange such a high-cost test event during when the country is going through an economic crisis.

However, if students choose not to wait for the final results and neither to retake the MDCAT exam and opt for the option of private universities to fulfill their dreams, perhaps many students find this problematic.

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We all know that private universities fees are way higher than public universities supported by the government. This year, except for two or three universities, all university tuition fees are skyrocketing, each university costs more than 1 crore for five years to pursue medical degrees.

On the other hand, if students opt to wait and choose to take the MDCAT exam, no one can tell how much longer it will take.

Logically, there are only 1,700 seats, and 38,300 candidates will ultimately have to go to public universities if they do not want to waste their year.

There could be one solution, what if public universities hold an aptitude test before the retake of MDCAT?

Despite that, if students decide to take public university tests, students have to pay double and triple times just because the order to retake of MDCAT came.

Before rushing into the implementation of this suggestion Sindh government should have thought from the student’s perspectives as well. Medical universities should also understand and think of changing the process like giving admissions on the basis of intermediate percentage or on the basis of interviews.

It could have saved authorities from huge expenses but could have provided students some relief.

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