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Friday, March 01, 2024  
19 Shaban 1445  

Reasearch finds Chaman’s fault line at major risk of earthquake

The research survey says strong tremors have been recorded in the underground fault line in Balochistan
Photo: SSGS
Photo: SSGS

The Research Institute of Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGS) has predicted an earthquake in Pakistan’s Chaman fault line in the next two days.

SSGEOS is a Research Institute that monitors movements of celestial bodies related to seismic activity.

It’s the same institute who predicted the earthquake in Turkey earlier this year.

The research survey has reported that strong tremors have been recorded in the underground Chaman fault line in Balochistan and a powerful earthquake may occur in the area in the next two days depending on the intensity could be 6 or more.

According to the SSGS, fluctuations of electric charge in the atmosphere near the sea level have been recorded, due to which the purple areas on the map (including Balochistan) may experience powerful earthquakes in the next few days.

These areas defined are only approximations and there is currently no reliable way to determine the exact locations, SSGEOS added.

What is fault line?

Pakistan has the largest fault line in South Asia called Chaman fault system, it is 900 km long and earlier on this fault system on the afternoon of May 31, 1935, a terrible earthquake occurred in Quetta and thousands of people died.

The areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan fall in this fault line.

Amid research report, people are panicking with all the rumors circulating on social media.

In this regard, Owais Hyder, weather analyst at Pak Weather Network requested people not to panic as he informed that many predictions of SSGS have been proved wrong in the past.

Earthquake prediction is a very complicated, it can be predicted from the changes and disturbance in the tectonic plate, so it is difficult and impossible to tell 100% when an earthquake will occur in a particular area, he added.

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