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Desi papal bulls: Pakistani man arrested for selling receipts of good deeds

Suspect was distributing receipts of good deeds worth Rs1tr on Rs10,000 payment
Photo via author
Photo via author

The police have claimed to have arrested a man in Punjab’s Gujrat city for allegedly selling receipts of good deeds to the people. The highest papal bull at his place was worth Rs1 trillion that could be obtained after paying Rs10,000.

The suspect was named Zulfikar Galiana, a resident of Ringpura Town in Gujrat, according to the police. The receipts at his place were of different ranges: 100,000 good deeds for Rs10, 10 million deeds for Rs100, one billion good deeds for Rs1,000, and one trillion good deeds for Rs10,000.

A picture of the receipt showed that it contained the suspect’s picture, his name, the receipt number, and the amount.

A papal bull was an official papal letter or document issued by the pope in Roman Catholicism, according to the Britannica. The letter carried a bulla that showed the heads of the apostles Peter and Paul on one side and the pope’s signature on the other.

 Photo via author
Photo via author

By the 13th century, the term papal bull was being used only for the most important documents issued by the pope. It is also described as a decree.

Police officials said that the “fake pir” used to issue a receipt for the money from a checkbook named after the Hakim Din Darbar located in the area.

The Galiana police arrested the suspect on the complaint of begging and registered the case under the Punjab Vagrancy Ordinance, 1958.

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