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Sunday, March 03, 2024  
22 Shaban 1445  

Bomb attack near Turkish parliament leaves two terrorists dead

Police officers intercepted the attackers who came in a small vehicle
Photo via Anadolu News Agency
Photo via Anadolu News Agency

A terror attack near the Turkish parliament in the capital city of Ankara left at least two terrorists dead and two Turkish police personnel injured on Sunday.

One of the terrorists blew himself up outside the Turkish ministry of interior while the other was shot dead by the police, Turkiye’s Anadolu Agency reported citing officials.

Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs Ali Yerlikaya said that the attackers had come in a light commercial vehicle outside the ministry building at around 09:30am when the security forces engaged them in a fire exchange.

“At around 09.30[am], two terrorists who came in a light commercial vehicle in front of the entrance gate of the General Directorate of Security of our Ministry of Internal Affairs, carried out a bomb attack. One of the terrorists blew himself up, and the other terrorist was neutralised,” he said.

During the fire exchange, two police officers were slightly injured, he said, adding: “Our fight will continue relentlessly until the last terrorist is neutralised.”

TV footage showed soldiers with armoured vehicles sealing off a section of the road as civilians stood behind police tapes.

The attack came as the Parliament was set to reopen after summer break.

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