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World Cup anthem: Ali Zafar has an idea to create ‘masterpiece’

Creativity knows no bounds, so anyone can share their ideas, says singer-cum-actor
A still from a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows singer-cum-actor Ali Zafar speaking about his idea for cricket World Cup anthem. Screengrab via X/@AliZafarsays
A still from a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, shows singer-cum-actor Ali Zafar speaking about his idea for cricket World Cup anthem. Screengrab via X/@AliZafarsays

Singer-cum-actor Ali Zafar has an idea to create a “masterpiece” for the cricket World Cup anthem, but he has welcomed ideas from everyone for the experiment.

“Keeping in mind your thoughts and wishes for the World Cup cricket anthem, I have an idea on how we can create a masterpiece together,” he said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday. He also shared a video in which he explained his idea.

After the release of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 anthem on September 20, many fans asked Zafar to make an anthem for the mega event as they were not happy with the one created by Indian musician Pritam.

Such requests have also been made when the Pakistan Super League anthems were released. The Jhoom crooner has also made songs to such requests in the past.

On Saturday, Zafar in response to a tweet said that he had an idea that he would share.

“It’s an exciting experiment that can work wonders if done right. It’s also a chance for new music composers, writers, and producers to showcase their talent in the most democratic way possible. But here’s the best part: creativity knows no bounds, so anyone can share their ideas! So, hear me out and let me know your thoughts.”

In a more than five-minute video, the Teefa in Trouble actor said that the Pakistani people have very less moments to have fun, and events like the cricket World Cup are an opportunity to celebrate.

He admitted that it was luck that his music composition for sports became so popular.

“My idea is that I don’t want any praise for myself. I want this time we should try something new in which you people shine. For the first time we will do an experiment that in a democratic way, we will make an anthem.”

How it will happen?

Ali tried to engage those who have a passion for producing beats and music production. He explained that music with enthusiastic beats, lyrics, and beats was very important for any anthem.

“I want that this time, I should not only write lyrics or create a beat,” he said and called for giving an opportunity to the talented lyricists, composers, and music producers. “So let the people be the stars of this year’s anthem, which we will create together. I will supervise and produce it.”

The Rockstar singer added that he would have a discussion with the people who would come up with suggestions, giving them an opportunity to own the anthem.

“I am not particularly a fan of the style of working where the heads of the group make all the decisions,” he said and stressed the need for involving the people.

Step 1

All the beat makers would send beats to Zafar. He wants them to be different. It can be four to eight times that would help to feel the groove.

Step 2

An interesting line from lyricists, writers, and poets. Interested people can share it on X thread, or YouTube, or they can tag Zafar in Facebook and Instagram stories. It can also be sent with a tune.

Step 3

The tune would be selected after consultation with fans and the people who sent suggestions.

“Let’s do this. Probably this would be the first time in history that the people would be creating an anthem for themselves and probably the most democratic process and way of creating a sports anthem. Let’s try, Bhai Hazir Hai,” said Zafar.

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