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Tuesday, April 16, 2024  
07 Shawwal 1445  

Govt sets new building rules for private schools in Karachi

Ban on new school registration lifted
Photo Reuters
Photo Reuters

The government of Sindh has lifted the ban on new school registration in Karachi, but it has set new and tougher rules for private schools.

A fresh policy issued by the interim government of Sindh regulates the building requirement for schools and advises administrators to provide free education to at least 10% of students.

The policy restricts school owners or administrators from opening schools in small houses. It says preprimary, primary, and elementary schools must have at least ten rooms in a building constructed on 1800 square feet of land.

For secondary schools, the policy said, it will be mandatory to construct a building of 15 rooms on 2160 sq. ft. of land.

The entire infrastructure of the building should made of Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC).

School administrators will be bound to submit all details such as approved architecture maps, details of equipment, and certificates of teachers being hired to the education department.

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