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Wednesday, February 28, 2024  
17 Shaban 1445  

Dar says Nawaz will get relief as soon as he arrives in Pakistan

Adds that Bilawal is his like a son, but should show grace
Screengrab via Aaj News.
Screengrab via Aaj News.

Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said on Saturday that Nawaz Sharif would be given relief from cases as soon as he presented himself in court and that the if given the cahnce the PMLN would take the economy back to where it stood in 2017.

Speaking to reporters in London, Ishaq Dar said that Nawaz Sharif faced no legal complication, since amendments to Article 62(1)(f) had already been signed into law. He added that with the duration of disqualification being fixed at a maximum of five years, not just Nawaz but many other politicians including Jahangir tareen had benefited.

He said that apart from the disqualification, Nawaz was implicated along with his daughter in another case. However, since Maryam has already been cleared in the case, it is likely that Nawaz will only have to appear in court before he is cleared too.

He also said that the party was finalising logistical arangements for Nawaz’s arrival in Pakistan, which would go ahead as per schedule in October.

Responding to recent remarks by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Dar said he considered the PPP chairman to be a ‘son’. However, he added that it was not graceful to shy away from responsibility as all decisions had been taken by consensus in the PDM government’s 15 months in power.

He added that Shehbaz Sharif had tried to move forward with all parties with ‘magnanimity’ and that people should not go too far for the sake of politics.

Dar added that it was premature to talk about any alliance with the Istehkam-e-Pakistan party.

He said that the economy had become 24th largest in the world in 2017, but ‘Project 2011’ which matured in 2018 had taken Pakistan to the 47th largest economy in the world.

Dar said that PDM had made a ‘sacrifice’ by joining the government as Pakistan was weeks away from default due to the actions of the PTI government.

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