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Thursday, February 22, 2024  
11 Shaban 1445  

Petrol price hike: Pakistanis say impossible to survive in country

Govt increased petrol price by Rs26.02/litre and diesel by Rs17.34
A worker holds a nozzle to pump petrol into a vehicle at a fuel station - Reuters
A worker holds a nozzle to pump petrol into a vehicle at a fuel station - Reuters

Amid an exorbitant hike in the prices of petroleum products, Pakistanis are bashing the government for failing to give relief to the masses as they face the brunt of inflation in the country.

The caretaker government increased petrol price by Rs26.02/litre and high-speed diesel by Rs17.34 on Friday, following a fortnightly revision.

“Owning to the increasing trend of petroleum prices in the international market, the government has decided to revise the existing consumer prices of petroleum prices,” said a finance ministry press release.

A commentator on X said that the people of Pakistan are suffering the consequences of gas and power sector debt which were piled up under a plan.

“The governments of [past] 15 years must answer. There is no reaction [on the hiked prices],” he wrote on X.

After the significant hike on Friday night, the new price of petrol is Rs331.38. The price of high-speed diesel now stands at Rs329.18. In the last increase announced at the beginning of September, the price of petrol had been increased by Rs14.91 while the price of diesel had been increased by Rs18.44/litre.

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Ahmad, another furious citizen said that he could not afford petrol expenses even if he spent his whole salary.

“How come i can survive in this country ?? Its high time to leave this country ASAP,” he wrote.

Ali, a commentator said that he is planning to buy a bicycle for commuting due to the hiked price of petroleum products.

Team Faraz Abid Lakhani, another account on X, called for immediate action to provide some respite to the masses who are feeling the brunt of hiked petroleum prices.

“Rs 331 this is too much how would middle class and lower class survive this,” it added.

For Hasnain Zafar, it was unacceptable that people were being burdened with yet another increase in petrol prices.

“Despite already struggling with inflation and rising costs, the price of petrol h as recently surged by Rs 26 per liter, reaching an alarming price of Rs 331 per liter,” he pinned.

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