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Session judge report reveals Imran’s jail conditions

Punjab prison dept says PTI chief enjoying all facilities
File photo.
File photo.

A report by a sessions judge in Attock has revealed the conditions of the cell that former Prime Minister Imran Khan is incarcerated in, including lack of privacy in the washroom.

The revelations were made in a forntnightly jail inspection report written by Judge Shafqut Ullah Khan on August 15.

The report said that the judge visited inahbitants of the jail and received no complaint from any of them, ‘rather, the inhabitants were found satisfied…’.

However, things were different when the judge visited Khan. The report added that Khan himself expressed concerns regarding CCTV camera and access to him in jail.

The report said that Khan ‘expressed grave concern qua CCTV camera installed in the front of the prison bars at the distance of 5/6 feet covering bathroom-cum-laterine having small L shaped walls two and a half or three feet high leaving no privacy while bathing or defecating.’

The judge found Imran Khan’s concerns to be ‘genuine’ and called them a violation of the Prison Rules 257 and 771.

However, the jail’s superintendent assured the judge that this complaint would be addressed. Aaj News reported on Saturday that the construction of a washroom had begun in the cell.

The judge wrote that Imran also complained that his lawyers and wife were not being access to him. The superintendent also assured that this complaint would be addressed.

The former prime minister was arrested from his Lahore residence on August 5shortly after he was slapped with a five-year disqualification and three-year prison term in the Toshakhana criminal case.

Punjab’s prison dept says Khan enjoying all facilities

The spokesperson of the Punjab Prisons Department said that the PTI chief has been provided with all the facilities in Attock jail as per the Prison Rules, while a new washroom was constructed in Khan’s cell where a commode and basins were installed on Saturday.

Bath soap, perfume, air freshener, towel and tissue paper are available to the former prime minister in the washroom, he said, adding that the washroom walls have been constructed 5 feet high and a new door was installed at the facility.

The spokesperson went on to add that Khan has been provided with a bed, pillow, mattress, table and chair in his cell.

Additionally, an air cooler, fruits, honey, dates, tea thermos, newspaper, tissue paper and a prayer mat have been given to the PTI chief, he said, adding that dozen books and the Holy Quran with translations are also available to Khan.

He further said that Khan has been allowed to meet family on every Tuesday while his lawyers meet him on Thursdays.

According to him, five doctors have been appointed to provide medical facilities to the PTI chief, out of which a doctor is always on duty for eight hours.

The former prime minister is given special food on the doctors’ instructions, offered to him by a special team after checkup. CCTV cameras have been installed outside his cell for prison security, he stated.

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