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Thursday, February 22, 2024  
11 Shaban 1445  

Islamabad police arrest two suspected of raping female varsity student

The victim alleged she was raped multiple times for six months
Photo - Reuters
Photo - Reuters

The Islamabad police arrested two suspects on Saturday after a female student of Hamdard University was allegedly raped multiple times by a group of people.

The police stated that investigations are underway while efforts are being carried out to apprehend the other suspects.

Mah Jabeen, a resident of Mohra Nur, Islamabad said that the accused Bilal Zaman is a classmate of hers at Hamdard University and both are from the same village.

An FIR was filed under Section 384 (Punishment for extortion), Section 292C (Sale, etc., of obscene books, etc), Section 337 (Shajjah) and Section 375 (Rape) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

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The complainant said in the FIR that the two were in constant contact and would regularly visit the canteen area for refreshments.

“Later, Zaman’s relative Waleed came to the university and he asked me to go to some place good for refreshment. We exited the university at around 12pm. There was a white Mehran car parked outside in which Adnan and Sheikh Adil were already seated,” the victim stated.

According to her, she lost consciousness after drinking juice which Zaman offered her which he already had in a shopping bag.

“When I regained consciousness after some time, I was lying in a vacant house and there were no clothes on my body. Zaman gave me water and showed me a video saying that It was his and mine video and they would viral the video on Facebook and Whatsapp if I said anything to anyone,” she recalled.

She claimed that she was then raped by all four suspects and that Zaman had already raped her before while she was unconscious.

Mah Jabeen stated that the house was situated near the Attock Petrol Pump in the Tarlai Kalan area of Islamabad.

She alleged that Waleed and Zaman had been raping her and extorting money from her by blackmailing her with the video they recorded of her.

However, the two later sent her video to another individual namely Haseeb who made the video viral on Whatsapp, she said.

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