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Saturday, February 24, 2024  
13 Shaban 1445  

FBI agents shoot man who allegedly threated US President Biden

Incident happened before Biden's scheduled visit to Utah
In this file photo, United States President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks at The Queen in Wilmington, Delaware. AFP/File
In this file photo, United States President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks at The Queen in Wilmington, Delaware. AFP/File

A man who allegedly made threats against US President Joe Biden was shot by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents on Wednesday, authorities said, The Guardian reported. and the court documents claimed that he referenced ‘presidential assassination’.

“A special agent was attempting to serve a warrant on the home of Craig Deleeuw Robertson in Provo, South of Salt Lake City,” the FBI said in a statement.

It also mentioned a statement from Robertson’s neighbour, Cooper Robinson, in which he said he was walking his dog when he saw police vehicles around Robertson’s house. He was unable to see much but he heard the sound of a shot which he assumed were “flashbang grenades”.

However, the court documents refer to the case as a “presidential assassination” and also allegedly threatened Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragge, attorney general Merrick Garland and New York’s attorney general Letitia James.

The incident happened before the visit of President Biden to Utah, scheduled late Wednesday. He is in the middle of a trip to the Western US and will be spending the day in New Mexico.

In a probe it appeared that on Monday, Robertson posted that he had heard Biden was coming to Utah and he was planning to dig out a camouflage and “cleaning the dust off the m24 sniper rifle,” says court documents.

In another post, he wrote, “In my dream, I see the body of Joe Biden in the dark corner of DC parking garage with his head severed and lying in a huge puddle of blood, Hoorah!”

Meanwhile, the court document further highlights that he previously wrote on Oct, 22 against attorney general “Merrick Garland, the demented weasel, I am 100 per cent anti-abortion. Why is your FBI not kicking my door? Know this ‘They will die’.”

Sandra Braker, a spokesperson for the FBI, in a statement, said: “The bureau is reviewing the shooting incident and taking the involvement of the FBI agent seriously in accordance with the FBI’s policy and it is an ongoing matter, we have no further details about it.”

Additionally, A US Secret Services spokesperson confirmed to the FBI “an individual in Utah expressed threats towards Secret Services protectees,” reported ABC News.

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