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PUBG LOVE: Pakistani woman says she converted to Hinduism to marry Indian lover

Seema still faces accusations of espionage as couple give marathon interviews
Seema Haider, a Pakistani citizen who arrived in India to marry her Indian lover - Photo via BBC
Seema Haider, a Pakistani citizen who arrived in India to marry her Indian lover - Photo via BBC

Seema Haider, who arrived in India to marry an Indian citizen, Sachin Meena, has adopted Hinduism and refused to return to Pakistan, however she is suspected of being a Pakistani spy, BBC reported.

“We got married on March 13 in a mandir in Kathmandu, Nepal, with the help of taxi driver. I have video proof of the marriage. I converted to Hinduism on my own choice without any pressure from anyone,” she told BBC Hindi at Sachin’s home in Greater Noida of Utter Pardesh, around 70 km from Delhi.

On July 4, the Indian police arrested Seema, a resident of Jacobabad, Sindh, her four children and Sachin. However, they were granted bail on July 7.

She is now living with her Indian lover Sachin and her four children from Haider in the Rabopura area of Greater Noida. She had travelled to India with her children via Nepal in May after meeting and falling in love with Sachin on PUBG.

While speaking to BBC Hindi, Seema said that she has embraced the culture and now wears a Radhe-Radhe strap around her neck and touches the feet of elders for blessings.

She said that she will take her life if she were forced to leave her lover and made to return to Pakistan, adding “My children are happy with me here and I will live with Sachin”.

The manner in which Seema entered India, has raised many eyebrows in India as many people accused her of being a Pakistani spy.

Her brother’s employment in the Pakistan Army, the recovery of four mobile phones from her also fueled the suspicion in people’s minds.

Talking about these allegations, Seema said, “I am not a spy. I started going out of the house and made passports in Sachin’s love. We are not allowed to leave the house here”.

Seema was married to Ghulam Haider, a resident of Jacobabad, in 2014. Later the couple moved to Karachi and in 2019 Ghulam Haider went to Saudi Arabia for work.

Her husband has requested the Pakistani government’s help in getting back his children, who are with their mother.

Haider, an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia, said that his wife, Seema Gulam Haider was “trapped” through gaming app PUBG. “The Indian police have arrested my wife and children. I request the Pakistani government to help me get back my children.”

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