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Sunday, March 03, 2024  
22 Shaban 1445  

See the magnificent picture of Istanbul from ISS

UAE astronaut shares the picture on Twitter
Photo via Twitter/@Astro_Alneyadi
Photo via Twitter/@Astro_Alneyadi

United Arab Emirates Sultan Al Neyadi has shared a picture of Türkiye’s capital Istanbul from the International Space Station (ISS) on Twitter.

“From the ISS, #Istanbul - #Türkiye sparkles at night,” Al Neyadi tweeted with two emojis on Sunday. “The Bosporus Strait here is a unique spot where Asia meets Europe, and the past intertwines with the present.”

This is not the first time he has shared a picture from the ISS. Al Neyadi has shared mesmerizing pictures of Makkah, Dubai, the moon, and many places from the space station.

 A screenshot of the tweet.
A screenshot of the tweet.

Al Neyadi, who is from the United Arab Emirates, is dubbed “Sultan of Space”. He has spent three months teaching crowds of school children across the Gulf state about the wonders of the universe via video link. Quite often he uploads videos on Twitter from ISS.

He is the first Arab to be deployed on a long-term space mission. He made this history in April. The purpose of the spacewalk was to update the ISS power channels, and it lasted seven hours.

“I didn’t feel it [spacewalk] because I was really focusing on the mission, and it was (a) really great feeling just to see that you are floating in a spacesuit,” Al Neyadi told CNN’s Becky Anderson last month. “It’s just like a small spacecraft. It provides oxygen and CO2 scrubbing and cooling, and what is preventing you from dying is just a small layer of glass.”

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