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Tuesday, April 16, 2024  
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DHA elevator fight: Karachi court sends suspect to jail on judicial remand

Court seeks case challan from investigation officer

The judicial magistrate in Karachi’s South has sent a suspect, Adnan Rana, to jail on judicial remand in a case pertaining to the elevator brawl between two men and women.

The court ordered the police to again produce Rana in court on June 5 and sought a challan (a report to be submitted by the police officer after the probe) from the investigation officer.

Police took the suspect, Rana, into custody on Friday on the complaint of Allah Jeewa.

The complainant described himself as a chef and working for Muhammad Aslam Abro as a chef for the last eight months. “On May 3, I along with Mirza Khan was waiting for the elevator on the ground floor to go to the flat. When the elevator arrived, there were two women inside. When we tried to enter so at around 11:30pm [or] 11:45pm, these women misbehaved with us and abused us,” it said.

The complaint alleged that when they entered the ground such women called someone, meanwhile, Adnan Rana, along with his three partners arrived at the site. The complainant alleged that the suspect had a gun in his hand.

He, Rana, allegedly beat them and slapped them. The FIR alleged that the suspect opened fire at them with the intention to kill them, but they “miraculously” survived. It added that many gathered there and security guards had also arrived there. They purportedly rescued them.

The complainant claimed that Rana left after giving life threats to him. He claimed that bystanders also saw the incident. He added that he left for the village after the scene.

“Now we have returned and I am here to report. I claim that Adnan Rana and his three partners, in unidentified appearance, have the intention to kill and open fire from this pistol,” he said and demanded legal action against the suspects.

The FIR invoked sections 34 (Acts done by several persons In furtherance of common intention), 324 (attempt to commit qatl-i-amd), and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

But the CCTV footage showed that a few men tried to enter the elevator when women were inside. The matter got intense when women tried to stop men from entering the elevator. It showed that a man torture the women.

Another clip showed that the husband of the woman and the chef apparently had a heated argument, prompting the former to take out gun.

Allegations are all lies: Rana’s daughter

“I was going home after shopping. It was around 11pm. I was tired. You all have seen this in the video. It is not something to tell. Those who have seen it know what I have experienced,” Alina Rana, daughter of Adnan, told Aaj News.

She accused Imran Abro, son of former PTI MPA Muhammad Aslam Abro, of this act. “We told them to not enter, but they were drunk and they did this while being drunk. I live there and I am a resident of that area. They do not live there. They were expelled from there,” said Alina.

“When my father arrived. I called him to come downstairs. He was outside for some work. He came alone,” she said, “Their people had gathered in the garden area of the apartment.”

Alina claimed that her father took out the pistol after the other party did it, however, the security guards took it. She claimed that both parties had a settlement in the lobby. Alina added that she had decided to register an FIR, but changed her decision after her father convinced her that the other party had apologised for the event. They had a settlement in front of the police, she said.

According to Alina, after 20 days a FIR was registered against them. She said that all the allegations in the FIR were all lies as she had all the proof: recording and footage. “They have nothing and using their sources and registered a case. She claimed that the video was leaked after it was shown in court.

She claimed that for the past week, her father was in jail and he was not provided bail. She demanded justice.

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