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Wednesday, June 07, 2023  
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Poll: Tell us if your road has been repaired, Karachi

A living story crowdsourced to hold government accountable

Hello Karachi people! For a few days now you’ve been telling us where roads need repairs in the city. So this story is growing.

  • As each one of you leaves a comment or share a road location, we map it (See below) 👇🏼
  • Red 🔴 is for a reader’s complaint, which turns green 🟢 when we verify it 👍🏼
  • Below you will find the Google map, where we are marking broken roads. Zoom in and tap to see information
  • Please share this story link and encourage people to keep posting comments with information (WhatsApp us your photos at +923331038598 or email Sajjad Mehdi [email protected])
  • We will unveil the next step soon…

If you’ve seen Karachi’s roads being fixed these days, you can thank the World Bank because it is paying for it.

The money is coming from the World Bank’s Competitive and Livable City of Karachi (CLICK) $652 million project. Some of the money is loans and some of the funding is grants.

CLICK’s Technical Manager Azmat Khan told us that they are “investing” around Rs5 billion in road maintenance for the rain emergency.

He claimed that 70% of the carpeting work is almost done and the rest will take the next couple of months. He did not disclose any more details of which roads and how it broke down.

It was next to impossible to pin down which government department was funding and overseeing which road repairs so they can be held accountable. The work is being done by consultants who supervise the project, but the executing agencies responsible for the implementation are KMC and the seven DMCs. CLICK’s role is act as a liaison between the executing agencies and the World Bank.

We did learn that the World Bank’s sewage or KWSSIP project is also working on roads, as is the Sindh government’s People’s Bus Service, KMC and KDA. And while it may not be terribly important to know which authority is getting the work done, we did think it is important to have some accountability.

This is where you come in. Please help us by posting a comment below mentioning the exact location of a road you use that needs repairs.

We are sharing our WhatsApp number where you can send us photos and PIN locations of roads that need repairs. Click on this link to reach us on WhatsApp.

Or you can email Sajjad Mehdi at sajjad.mehdi (@) aaj.tv with photos and details of the road by your house that needs repairs.

Please fill in the polls to help us gain a sense of how large scale the problem is

To help you find your district
To help you find your district

Additionally, we acquired an August 2022 presentation made by a consultant for KMC on the state of Karachi’s roads. You can download it here from Dropbox.

The consultant who prepared this said that these were the problems:

  • There was seepage in the water supply lines
  • No stormwater system existed
  • The pavement was not thick for the traffic load (excess, heavy traffic)
  • Road cutting by KE, KWSB, SSGC, PTCL, etc. had ruined roads

This is a list of main roads and estimated cost to repair them and the agency responsible for doing the work. PBS stands for People’s Bus Service here.

Road name Rs (m) Executing agency
Sh-e-Faisal 2.8 PBS
Univ Road 16.3 PBS
8000 Korangi 5.6 PBS
Jail Road 8.7 PBS
Rashid Minhas 10 KDA, KMC, PBS,
Sh-e-Millat 20 PBS, KMC
Jahangir Rd 11.7 PBS, KDA, KMC
II Chundrigar 6.4 KDA, PBS
Mauripur Rd 14.6 PBS, local govt
Ziauddin Ahmad 6 KMC
12000 Korangi 1 KMC partial
Expressway 6.2 KMC
Ibrahim Hyderi 8.7 KNID (done)
Sh-e-Pakistan 12.4 KDA
SM Tofiq 11.7 KDA
Sh-e-Ibn-e Sina 19.5 KDA
Nishtar 3 SIDCL
Sir Shah Suleman 54.8 KDA
AH Ispahani 5.5 PBS

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Kashif May 25, 2023 10:57pm
Gulshan Block 13 underpass. The area now resembles the surface of the moon. Half day of carpeting can provide relief to hundreds of daily commuters
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MAQ May 25, 2023 11:58pm
Sector 11C1 to sector 11C3 road leading from Haji Akhtar restaurant to sector 10 was dug up for a 'new tap water pipeline' before Ramzan under KWSSIP or something. The line was laid, never went functional, the earth was left as it was, creating mounds of sand and rocks. The roads looks like Aleppo destroyed by the bombs since then. Old water lines have leakages all the way to the Main Road of Nagan Chowrangi.
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Mujtaba May 26, 2023 02:13am
I.I Chundrigar Road, especially in front of SBP and PSX. The drain has been open for almost a year now.
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Tabassum May 26, 2023 01:30pm
Where are they making roads i haven't seen any road which is been repsired i think they are repairing on papers only How can we name so many roads which need carpeting whole city is destroyed Its a worst city on earth
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Mumtaz Ali May 26, 2023 04:56pm
Plz repair roads & remove encrochments in our areas Garden East,Patel para & adjoing.
thumb_up Recommend
Kashif May 26, 2023 08:18pm
Shah Faisal Colony block 1 to block 5, Azeem Pura to Jama Milliya College and towards Goher Green city. The areas mentioned above and the whole shah faisal town's roads and streets are broken. This because of the 50 years old underground sewage system has been destroyed. When ever the government repairs roads, the choked sewage system and low quality repair work of the roads gets ruined again in a few months. The underground water and sewage system needs to be completely changed first, it's then the roads repair work would be long life.
thumb_up Recommend
Sumera May 26, 2023 09:56pm
Quaidabad bypass and overhead bridge have been a mess for over a year with no signs of repair
thumb_up Recommend
Habib Haidari May 26, 2023 11:01pm
Roads in our area need repairs Sewerage system is also waiting for some one to attend Rainy season is round the corner
thumb_up Recommend
Sajjad May 26, 2023 11:08pm
Dear sir, Thank you for doing this wonderful job . please if possible so make our street or you can say a road connect shara e faisal to Mehmoodabad is inverse condition from last couple of years. Your corporation in this regard is highly appreciate. Regard Sajjad Baloch.
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Iqbal May 27, 2023 12:18am
93 Garden west, Sobhraj Chittumal Road
thumb_up Recommend
Iqbal May 27, 2023 12:19am
93 Garden West, Sobhraj Chittumal Road Karachi South Pakistan
thumb_up Recommend
Arshad Ali Khan May 27, 2023 12:33am
It's very unfortunate that the road opposite MCB House and Bank Alfalah Head Office, II Chundrigar Road, was damaged from last monsoon season, almost one year after the road where more than half the revenue is generated. It's very shameful for the main party PPP, who claim to own this unfortunate city. Unfortunately, the road opposite MCB House and Bank Alfalah Head Office, II Chundrigar Road, was damaged during the last monsoon season, almost a year after the road where more than half of the revenue is generated. It's a disgrace for the PPP, which claims ownership of this sad city.
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Arshad Ali Khan May 27, 2023 12:36am
It's very unfortunate that the road opposite MCB House and Bank Alfalah Head Office, II Chundrigar Road, was damaged from last monsoon season, almost one year after the road where more than half the revenue is generated. It's very shameful for the main party PPP, who claim to own this unfortunate city. Unfortunately, the road opposite MCB House and Bank Alfalah Head Office, II Chundrigar Road, was damaged during the last monsoon season, almost a year after the road where more than half of the revenue is generated. It's a disgrace for the PPP, which claims ownership of this sad city.
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Ali May 27, 2023 12:53am
Bs chepiyan laga rhy hain woh b road k kisi kisi jagah jo ek barish mein he khatam ho jaye ga ya shyd os sy b phly
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Khizra Humayun May 27, 2023 01:20am
North Nazimabad Block B roads needs to repair
thumb_up Recommend
Jawad May 27, 2023 04:49am
Asalamualikum my name is Jawad Khalid Salam resident of park Lane block 5 Street 4 House F 46b clifton karachi. My desperate appeal to the authorities to fix the roads of this area it's in a pathetic state for over 2years almost. Full of pot holes completely dismantled.
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Jawad May 27, 2023 04:53am
My name is Jawad Khalid Salam resident of park Lane block 5 Street 4 House F 46b. My appeal to the authorities to fix the roads of this area which are in a pathetic state full of pot holes and dismantled. As you enter from 2 swords the entire area towards park Lane, area next to nehray khayam.
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Quincy May 27, 2023 08:07am
Benazir underpass on Dr.Daud pota road adjacent to Hotel Mehran at Shar-e-Faisal is in bad condition due to number of pot holes since last heavy rain spell. Number of rickshaws and cars get damaged due to deep pot holes. It's almost a a year or more than a year and for some reason re-carpeting is ignored
thumb_up Recommend
Mrs anjum May 27, 2023 09:07am
@Kashif, yes the under pass road and own shopping centre road need urgent repair
thumb_up Recommend
Rashid Hussain May 27, 2023 11:32am
@MAQ, yes he is right the people of the area facing so many problems. Due to leakage on main road some serious accidents quite regularly. Regards Rashid Hussain
thumb_up Recommend
Rashid Hussain May 27, 2023 11:33am
Please take some prompt action as soon as possible Regards Rashid Hussain
thumb_up Recommend
Saad May 27, 2023 11:33am
Waiting when carpeting would be done from shipowner college till five-star chowrangi near imam bargah.
thumb_up Recommend
Salman Ilyas May 27, 2023 11:53am
Residing in Ameer Khusro Road, The condition of the road has deteriorated since many years, Encroachment is also developing day by day, Remember this was the most beautiful road of the past also called as Islamabad..
thumb_up Recommend
Taha May 27, 2023 01:57pm
1. Stretch of road between 5Star and Shipowners, both service lanes between 5Stsr and KDA, 5Star and Sakhi Hassan. Nearly all residential streets in Block D, North Nazimabad. Main Block C and D artery.
thumb_up Recommend
Ajamal May 27, 2023 02:04pm
The road from water pump FB Area to Gulberg to People's roundabout Block N North Nazimabad is in terrible condition.
thumb_up Recommend
Ajamal May 27, 2023 02:05pm
Martin Road from Tin Hatti to the central jail needs to rid of encroachment before repairs.
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Tas May 27, 2023 03:01pm
Please repair the roads in Delhi Colony...they are pot ridden,filled with garbage...wish you would a start a cleaning up campaign...as Muslims we should be aware that safai is nisf Iman but that is hardly the case here!!I have actually seen people throwing stuff on the roads from their posh cars... would they do it another country???? There should be strict rules and fines for littering!!
thumb_up Recommend
HUSAIN GHULAM May 27, 2023 03:05pm
thumb_up Recommend
Rashid ali May 27, 2023 03:13pm
Sector 4.b near arshi public school surjani town there is need complete road carpeting in front of my house.
thumb_up Recommend
Tariq Hameed May 27, 2023 03:35pm
Our main road from Kamran chorangee to mosmiayat both ways needs desperate repairing and internal road of Safdar chorangee to Yasir Terrance Apartment.
thumb_up Recommend
Tahir May 27, 2023 03:35pm
Whole Karachi roads need to be repaired, specially Shara e Faisal from Airport to Saddar. University Rd. Shahrae Qaideen , M.A. Jinnah Rd. And almost all mohella's road, specially PECHS block 6 area.
thumb_up Recommend
Tariq Hameed May 27, 2023 03:45pm
Gulistan jauhar block 10 main road from Kamran chorangee to mosmiayat both ways needs repairing.
thumb_up Recommend
Captain Saif Ur Rehman May 27, 2023 03:55pm
D'Abreo road Garden east near Pakola Masjid road been dig for sewerage line, no repairs work almost one year
thumb_up Recommend
Hussain May 27, 2023 04:48pm
Shara e Quaideen near Khudadad colony needs immediate and a healthy repair as it is in bad shape for over 2 years
thumb_up Recommend
ABDUL SAMAD May 27, 2023 06:07pm
Service Road Off Shahrah e Quaideen from Nursery to Society Office after laying KE cable is still not carpeted and left with solidified mud path. It needs urgent carpeting.
thumb_up Recommend
Tariq Usman May 28, 2023 01:29am
A-310-Block N Street 12/2 North Nazimabad District Central Karachi Road is not repaired since last 15 years. Sent many applications but always return with No reply.
thumb_up Recommend
Salman ahmed May 28, 2023 02:23am
My name is salman Ahmed my request is our area is liaquatabad, central, Karachi, some new roads are full done with blocks and so many streets are not done yet plz look forward. Your truly appreciated Thank you
thumb_up Recommend
Faisal May 28, 2023 10:47am
Roads of Soldier Bazar 1& 2 needs to be repaired, damaged since last 2 years.
thumb_up Recommend
Yaseen Allawala May 29, 2023 01:15am
Baloch colony, also known as Karachi administrative society is in dire need of proper road leading up from Baloch colony shared e millat bridge to edh chowk, and from there till mehmoodabad 6 number and beyond.
thumb_up Recommend
Safeer Elahi May 29, 2023 05:37pm
You should also do a story on "Chaman Cinema Nullah Bridge". It's been a headache for traffic, shopkeepers, Industrial cargos. Water mafia destroyed the bridge by taking heavy pipelines on it, which occasionally got burst of pressure. Also the heavy construction machinery blocked the both side of the bridge. It is on the verge of collapse.
thumb_up Recommend
Salman May 30, 2023 12:43am
Zamanabad road that leads to Korangi industrial area from Landhi 4 is in pretty bad condition. It's so bad that cars and motorcycles take wrong sides to avoid getting robbed or getting their vehicle tyres punctured from the rocks.
thumb_up Recommend
Saad May 30, 2023 01:24am
Shah Latif town, Sector 17,B and 16 A, including other Sectors, all streets entirely ruined after the rain, and still not repaired, the Main Shah Latif road from cattle colony to Shah Police Station road hasn't been repaired since 5 years, it doesn't seem to be part of Karachi. You can check out main streets, small markets and u turns, either all the black carpet is removed or there is no road except the lower crushed stones.
thumb_up Recommend
MAQ May 30, 2023 02:06am
1. Service road from 2K stop to Five star, in fron of Nadra office and shadi halls. There's regular leakage issue which DC Taha Saleem said they had resolved but it was a lie. The road needs proper carpeting since the start of Green Line Inception. 2. The road was repaired behind Central Jail a few weeks ago. Broken again because of excessive water logging from leakage somewhere near. Regular traffic jams. 3. Internal road of Buffer zone from Nice Bakery to pedestrian bridge on Rashid Minhas road. 4. Service road from U.P more to Nagan Chowrangi on the left. 5. At the end of this service rd, just outside Town Plaza Nagan, they repaired a naala but left it open and the rd is as usual disappeared. 6. Service rd from K-Electric Power house block 19 FB Area to KBR society Bufferzone. Totally nonexistent. 7. The service rd from Shafiq More to Sohrab Goth on the left totally disappeared and encroached upon by industries of FB industrial area and a plant nursery.
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Talha Mehfooz khurshaidi May 30, 2023 06:02am
Road from Ando mor Shadman to Qalandaria need to fix and Shadman Nalla as well, Mangophir road from Gulzarabad to Naya Nazimabad, these two roads need immediate fix
thumb_up Recommend
Taha May 30, 2023 09:10am
The situation of the road from 4k chowrangi to Maymar is in literally worst condition for last 7 years. Kindly put some effective efforts before rainy season to build that road.
thumb_up Recommend
Abid May 30, 2023 10:37am
Hashim Raza Road towards Railway Phatak, Model Colony, Malir SITE area, Afza Altaf Bridge towards Simens Chowrangi
thumb_up Recommend
sobia May 30, 2023 10:43am
a road which connect landhi and malir through malir naddi badly needed repairing and its assosiate road which join old jamia millia road is in very very bad condition, specially areas like anwar e ibrahim, aswan town me roads ki jaga malbay kay dher hain 17 years hue yahan shift hue aaj tak ghr ky samny gali pakki nahi hui, kehne ko society hay
thumb_up Recommend
Mahim Maher May 30, 2023 02:41pm
@Kashif, Thank you we are updating the map and will be sharing it widely.
thumb_up Recommend
Adnan Adi May 30, 2023 04:02pm
Worst city of the earth .... No infrastructure at all... Sindh govt has successfully converted karachi to moen-jo-daro... But i think moen-jo-daro has drainage system unfortunately karachi is worst than current moen-jo-daro!
thumb_up Recommend
Mudassir May 30, 2023 06:17pm
Dear concern, I live in east district of Karachi near Jamali bridge scheme 33. The road condition is very poor over here.
thumb_up Recommend
Mudassir May 30, 2023 06:20pm
Dear sir, The corrupt MPA's and ministers of PPP government are making the misuse of WB's money, 70% of money is going in the pockets of these crooks. Please improve your monitoring system Thanks
thumb_up Recommend
SMA May 30, 2023 08:20pm
wanted to highlight the deplorable condition of the road at Obaid Arshad Khan Rd towards Sehba Akhter Rd near Hassan Square.
thumb_up Recommend
Talha Mahmood May 30, 2023 08:27pm
Block 17 Water Pump Federal B Area Road from Rehmat Bakery to Incholi is related at several spots
thumb_up Recommend
Ayman May 30, 2023 11:39pm
KDA roubdabout to Asghar shah stadium, all the way to block P. The neighbourhood streets in block P. Road from asghar shah stadium upto Ship owners college - all these roads are in dire need of repairs
thumb_up Recommend
Sanaullah May 31, 2023 04:07am
Please repair gurumandir chowrangi n make it properly N also make both tracks of Jahangir road plzz
thumb_up Recommend
HR May 31, 2023 10:44am
Road under NIPA Chowrangi, Corridor 3 curves concrete need strong permanent fix so people cant take wrong turn. Empress market signal road needs to be repaired for good.
thumb_up Recommend
sajjad May 31, 2023 12:49pm
In Shah Faisal Colony No. 3, behind Quaid Park and Green Town Road, several locations have been without anything called "Road" for the past seven+ years. This situation has made it extremely challenging for residents to commute by car or bike. We kindly request that you consider these locations to improve the living conditions in the area. Locations Streets behind Quaid Parks https://www.google.com/maps/@24.8790768,67.1559919,71m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu AND Green Town Main Road https://www.google.com/maps/@24.879061,67.1588255,284m/data=!3m1!1e3?entry=ttu
thumb_up Recommend
Ahmed Naushad May 31, 2023 06:59pm
UC 5 azizabad block 8 and 2 suffa masjid road block 2 , tabba heart road links to TANZEEM ul momimeen imam bargah, Almas masjid back side road block 8 till technical school block 2
thumb_up Recommend
Ahsan Jun 01, 2023 03:21pm
Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 11, near NIPA bridge ending towards Aladin/Johar side: the service lanes around both side of the main NIPA bridge are in bad shape. Under the bridge a small section is repaired only but as seen in past it becomes full of potholes again after even a hint of rain due to water going under the bridge. Still the service road under and around the bridge is in dire condition. Whenever it is so called repaired it's just a thin layer of damar that disappears in no time. Additionally (probably not in scope of this but..) some charsis have been seen poking holes in the bridge walls to extract something out of it so they damage bridge walls on both sides it seems like.
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