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Wednesday, June 07, 2023  
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What prompted BCCI to accept Pakistan’s hybrid model for Asia cup

Tournament is scheduled to be played in Pakistan in September
<p>Photo: ACC</p>

Photo: ACC

After months of deadlock, both the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Board of Control for Cricket in India are soon to reach an agreement over the fate of the Asia Cup, which is hosted by Pakistan in September.

India have categorically refused to visit Pakistan for the tournament due to which PCB has proposed a hybrid model to the Asian Cricket Council to save the tournament.

However, the matter would be sorted out by May 27 after the BCCI’s Special General Meeting in Ahmedabad. However, they have sought written assurance from the PCB for their participation in the upcoming ICC World Cup.

So what prompted BCCI to accept PCB’s hybrid model? There are a number of reasons for that.

Pressure from broadcasters

Star Sports is one of the leading broadcasters in the sports industry and is also responsible for airing the Asia Cup. It also pays the BCCI a hefty amount estimated at $50 million annually.

With a scale that huge, the broadcaster doesn’t want to ruin its best possible earning opportunity through a match between Pakistan and India.

The arch-rivals, who only face each other during the ICC or ACC events for a number of reasons, are expected to meet twice in the 50-over tournament. Due to a rift between both countries, the fate of the tournament is undecided, however, the broadcaster is reportedly pushing the BCCI in accepting the hybrid model proposed by the PCB.

This would not only allow the broadcaster to balance the bills but also give fans an opportunity to see complete in the biggest cricket rivalry.

Others accept PCB’s model

Other four countries – Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka – involved in the tournament have already given a green signal to the proposal and there is no point in the BCCI opposing it now.

The BCCI’s refusal could also affect the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup, which is scheduled to be played in India after the Asia Cup.

Opportunity for PCB

The PCB’s timely stance has also put the board in a commanding position to bargain with India on the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy event scheduled to be played in Pakistan in 2025.

Just like BCCI sorted out written assurance from the PCB for the World Cup, the Pakistan Cricket Board could also return the favour and get the agreement signed by their Indian counterparts for the Champions trophy.

This would end the debate of ifs and buts as major teams such as Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, and others have already toured the country.

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