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Monday, February 26, 2024  
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Leaked audio clip purportedly shows Khan seeking help from the US

Khan urges Congresswoman Walter to issue a statement
  • Earlier, Bolton warned of hurting Pak-US relations over Khan

An audio clip purportedly containing a Zoom conversation between PTI Chief Imran Khan and US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters has been leaked to the internet. The audio clip suggests Imran Khan urged the US Congresswoman to issue a statement in favour of the PTI which has come under a massive crackdown from the government following May 9 violence.

Aaj News cannot independently verify the authenticity of the audio clip that ends with Imran Khan thanking two men, Adnan and Salman, in Urdu.

The alleged leak follows a letter written by 66 members of Congress to the US secretary of state “to express our concerns about the current situation in Pakistan.” They urged him “to use all diplomatic tools at your disposal to pressure the government of Pakistan towards a greater commitment to democracy.”

The leak also coincides with a call between former US National Security Advisor John Bolton and Imran Khan. Two days before the call, Bolton warned that the crackdown against Imran Khan could damage Washington’s relations with Pakistan.

Leaked audio

Khan’s alleged Zoom conversation with Waters seems to revolve around the ongoing crackdown against the PTI.

The PTI chief provides a brief account of the events since April 2022 when he was removed from government, saying his government was removed with the ex-army chief. “You know the Army is powerful, the secret agencies. They toppled my government.”

Khan tells US Congresswoman to independently verify what he is saying and issue a statement. “We have the worst crackdown in our history. No democratic party had ever had such violation of the fundamental rights. You know… what we want is for you to simply find our yourself … that what is going on is unprecedented. So, we would appreciate here because … it goes a long way when someone like you Maxine … gives a statement…”

“When Maxine someone like you speak it makes a lot of waves in our country,” he said.

In the clip, Maxine’s voice is not heard and it ends with Imran Khan thanking Adnan and Salman. “Zabardast hogia na papa,” a man says.

Bolton warns Pakistan

 John Bolton. AFP
John Bolton. AFP

Earlier, PTI leader Atif Khan said that the former national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, John Bolton had spoken to PTI chairman Imran Khan.

Atif, the former focal person for the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis said the former UN Ambassador had a phone call with Chairman Imran Khan on Friday.

Bolton shared his concerns regarding the arrests taking place in the wake of violent protests in Pakistan which were triggered by Imran Khan’s arrest in the Al-Qadir Trust case.

“The US has critical interests in Pakistan. Continued instability and violence are not in anyone’s interests. The treatment of Pakistan’s former premier Imran Khan hinders relations and raises tensions,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Civilians should not be tried in military courts where they have no access to basic rights,” he added.

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