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Monday, September 25, 2023  
08 Rabi ul Awal 1445  

Asma Shirazi, Azma Bukhari walk out of TV show in protest

PTI lawyer Azhar Siddique seems to cut a controversial figure

Aaj News anchor Asma Shirazi and PML-N leader Azma Bukhari walked out of a live TV show to protest PTI lawyer Azhar Siddique’s presence on the show Friday evening.

They were invited by anchorperson Mansoor Ali Khan on his show Meray Sawaal (My Questions) on SAMAA TV.

Shirazi said Siddique had used derogatory language for women journalists in the past and Mansoor’s production team had failed to inform her that he was one of the guests on the show.

She said she was not ready to share the screen with Siddique. “I hope you will ask him [why] he levels false allegations against women and uses foul language about them,” she said.

Siddique tried to respond by saying that he will answer the allegations in Asma’s presence but she left the show immediately. Asma Shirazi has been targeted in coordinated trolling attacks and abuse along with other prominent women journalists such as Amber Rahim Shamsi.

Soon after Asma left, PMLN’s Azma Bukhari said she was also walking out of the show in protest. She removed the mic and left the show.

Siddique, meanwhile, dared the women for a live debate, accusing Shirazi of being a biased journalist. He also tried unsuccessfully to engage Bukhari in an exchange.

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