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Monday, September 25, 2023  
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Twitter, Facebook, YouTube down again shortly after restoration

Govt restored internet services on Friday evening after three days

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube services were again suspended shortly after restoration, it emerged on Saturday.

“The IT industry has suffered a loss of Rs10 billion,” according to the All Pakistan Software Export Association.

Internet services started resuming across Pakistan on Friday evening, more than three days after their suspension.

A large number of Pakistani users are complaining about not having access to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, said the Down Detector, a leading website that monitors internet availability.

Complaints of Twitter’s unavailability came in large numbers around 12 pm on Friday when access to Twitter was suspended soon after the service was restored.

Complaints of lack of access to Facebook also increased from the night and intensified by morning.

Moreover, the complaints of non-availability of YouTube decreased in the morning after witnessing an increase at night. However, these complaints saw a significant increase from 9 am and by 12 noon.

Use of VPN increase

With the restoration of mobile broadband internet, services like Uber, Bykea, and Foodpanda have started working again.

However, users are worried due to a lack of access to social media platforms. They have solved this problem through VPN. Usually, these Virtual Private Network services are provided by companies in Western countries that allow them in creating a secure connection between a computing device and a computer network.

Due to the use of VPN, a large number of Pakistani users are able to see different hashtags appearing from Western countries on their walls.

The services had been suspended on the orders of the interior ministry when protests broke out across Pakistan after Imran Khan’s arrest in Islamabad.

Amnesty International termed the suspension as an act against “freedom of expression”.

“We call upon the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and Interior Ministry to immediately reverse this ban,” Amnesty had said.

The regulator also said it was removing restrictions on access to social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, which had also been disrupted since Tuesday.

While the internet was disrupted, consumers still had access to voice calls and SMS messages.

The shutdown resulted in a loss of economic productivity and digital services, including digital payments.

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