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Monday, September 25, 2023  
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How was Imran Khan arrested? An eyewitness account

Lawyer Gohar says all men in Rangers uniform barged into court room
PTI lawyer Gohar speaks to reporters about Imran Khan’s arrest. Screengrab
PTI lawyer Gohar speaks to reporters about Imran Khan’s arrest. Screengrab

PTI lawyer Gohar Khan said that they had filed two writ petitions against the NAB in a case pertaining to the Al Qadir Trust. He said that the inquiry was converted into an investigation.

“We were done with the writ petitions filed. Khan Sb was brought in for biometrics, when he entered [diary room], he was in a wheelchair. All men of Rangers broke the main gate of the high court, broke the glasses, and after that, they broke everything, windows and tore apart everything and then broke the house,” he said in a video.

“I and Bukhari Sb were together. They directly paper-sprayed on us and started shelling. They took Khan Sb from there and hit him on the head and kicked him and hit him on his injured leg,” he said.

An angry Gohar said yes when reporters asked if Khan was in a wheelchair. He was still in a wheelchair, the lawyer reiterated.

He confirmed reports that the PTI chief was tortured. “I have seen that. Khan Sb was hit on the head,” Gohar said, adding that the people who arrested Khan were all Rangers men.

He described that the former prime minister was hit with a hard object and his wheelchair was thrown away.

Gohar was almost unconscious after “he was hit” adding that a high court employee, Rizwan Kamil, picked him up. Khan was shoved and taken out of the court, he said and supported his claims with pictures and videos available to him.

When asked if they were from Rangers, he reiterated his claims adding that all the men were in Rangers uniform and they beat Khan’s security team.

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imran khan arrested

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