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Wednesday, April 17, 2024  
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End of an era: Celebrities lose iconic blue tick from Twitter accounts

Musk’s crackdown against blue ticks began on April 20
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

Twitter appears to have officially killed off its iconic blue check marks as it began to disappear from formerly verified Twitter accounts on Thursday.

The development comes months after Elon Musk began to impose new policies after taking over the social media giant.

The Space X and Tesla owner has been threatening to remove what he called “legacy blue checks” for months now.

The checkmark previously denoted accounts that had been verified for authenticity and were given to accounts of celebrities, journalists, and media outlets.

In order to keep the iconic Twitter badge, users have to buy $8 a-month subscription program under which any account can obtain a blue checkmark.

Musk’s crackdown against blue ticks began on April 20. Though, Only individuals and organizations that pay for the premium Twitter Blue subscription can keep the verified credential on their profiles.

However, some of them still have it without any subscription.

Here are some of them:

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