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Friday, December 08, 2023  
23 Jumada Al-Awwal 1445  

Karachi Zoo animals starve for second consecutive day amid fight over money

The contractor is asking for Rs8.2 million in unpaid bills
Photo: File
Photo: File

Animals in Karachi Zoo were starving for a second consecutive day on Wednesday after their food supply was cut over a fight about money.

Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) and the contractor responsible for food supply are engaged in a row over unpaid bills.

A letter obtained by Aaj News shows the contractor suspended the food supply on Tuesday, March 21 following a warning. In a letter addressed to the administrator of KMC, the contractors warned that they be paid the unpaid bills or they would cut the food supply.

“We have submitted an unpaid bill of Rs8.2 million in your department and despite continuous requests, the bill is not cleared,” wrote Mahmood Enterprises – who said they had the contract of supplying food for the animals on monthly basis.

The contractor stated that suppliers were now refusing to provide the food on credit.

“It is a request, to release our outstanding payments immediately and we have submitted a few applications in this regard as well. If the payments were not cleared, we won’t be able to supply food for animals from March 21, 2023,” the contractor concluded.

After the supply cut, the animals were left to starve.

The Zoo administration said that animals and birds had become weak due to a lack of proper food.

The Karachi Zoo has faced other crises in recent months.

Many animals and birds have died due to the negligence of the zoo administration.

They could be at risk if food is not restored immediately.

“There are a few animals who need to feed fresh meat every day,” sources in Karachi Zoo said adding that KMC’s finance department has been tasked to clear the bills.

Moreover, the Four Paws International team is expected to visit Karachi soon to diagnose and treat Noor Jehan – Zoo elephant. They are waiting for an official invitation from KMC.

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