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Sunday, May 28, 2023  
07 Dhul-Qadah 1444  

Imran claims ‘namaloom afraad’ were present at his hearing

PTI Chairman shows video of men in plain clothes outside court
<p>Photos via PTI Official YouTube.</p>

Photos via PTI Official YouTube.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan claimed that some namaloom afraad (unidentified persons) were present at his hearing in Islamabad on Saturday, as part of a murder ploy against him. He also showed a video to back his claim.

In a speech on Monday, Imran Khan once again claimed that a ‘trap’ had been set up to kill him at G-11’s judicial complex from where he returned after hours of clashes bwtween police and his workers.

While claiming that a ‘trap’ had been set up at Islamabad’s Judicial Complex to murder him when he appeared for his hearing. He also presented a video that showed men in plain clothes standing beside police officials outside the gate of the judicial complex.

Imran Khan claimed that he had said goodbye to his wife and was prepared to be arrested when he set out for Islamabad, but when he got to the court premises, the situation was completely different.

He also says that he was informed by a ‘colleague’ to leave immediately as a trap had been laid for him. Imran claimed that he was told that the plan of arrest had changed and the plan involved another attempt on his life.

He questioned why these plain clothed men were allowed near the court gate when special security arrangements had been made and even lawyers were not being allowed inside the judicial complex.

He also appealed to the chief justice to take notice of thhese happenigs and reiterated that he was not afraid of appearing in courts but was only afraid of his life.

He also said law is practically non existant in Pakistan and every tactic was bring used to get rid of him. He also said that every court appearance leads to more cases against him.

##Imran writes to CJ

A few hours after the speech, Imran Khan wrote a letter to the chief justice recounting his experience of going to the judicial complex for the hearing.

He wrote that his supporters were ‘provoked’ and tear gassed as hea neared the court. This and the presence of the unknown persons, as also mentioned in his speech, led him to believe that his assassination was planned.

Adding that he is putting his life at risk everytime he attends a hearing, he said requested that his hearings be conducted via videolink. He also asked the CJ for an investigation into these matters.

“These actions have never happened to anyone let alone a former Prime Minister and leader of the largest political party in Paksitan.”

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