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Thursday, February 29, 2024  
18 Shaban 1445  

Four kidnapped in Sindh’s Kandhkot katcha nightmare

Police searching criminals, says SSP Kashmore

At least four people were kidnapped from the riverine or katcha area of Sindh’s Kandhkot on Sunday, the police said, bringing the total of abducted people to 17 in a month.

“The police are tracking down bandits to release the abductees,” SSP Kashmore Irfan Ali Samo told reporters.

The abductees were identified as Arbab Solangi, Haseeb Noonari, Abdul Rauf Noonari and Ali Mardan Nandwani. The police said Rano Solangi, 60, was freed after villagers confronted the kidnappers.

The riverine area is spread over 50 miles and covers parts of Kandhkot, Kashmore, Shikarpur, and Sukkur. It also touches parts of Punjab.

Sources told Aaj News that Durrani Mahar, Gublo, Kacho Keti, Ghora Ghat, Miyani, Changin, Haji Khan Shar, and Gehal Pur were hotspots for kidnapping. Bhayo, Tegani, Jagirani, Sabzois, Shar, and Bhangwar are the gangs involved in abductions, they added.

The Sindh Cabinet recently approved Rs2.79 billion for a grand anti-bandit operation in coordination with Balochistan and Punjab.

Sources said that Kashmore district has received 17 police mobile vans.

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