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Tuesday, April 16, 2024  
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No doubt that govt’s aim is to assassinate me: Imran Khan

Calls IG 'beghairat' for 'looting' his house
Screengrab via PTI Official Youtube.
Screengrab via PTI Official Youtube.

Imran Khan said on Sunday that the police ‘ransacked’ his home in violation of high court orders while he had gone for a court appearance.

In a speech on Sunday that was not broadcast on TV channels, the PTI chief said that he wanted to make a speech earlier but was afraid he could say something ‘inappropriate’ out of anger.

He also said that his party will sue all officers involved in the ‘looting’ of Zaman Park. He also said that a contempt petition will be filed in the courts.

He also said that police had tried to frame him for keeping alcohol and weapons in his house. He added that police had even showed petrol bombs in plastic bottles, which showed how ‘stupid’ the authorities are.

The PTI chairman also came down hard on PML-N Chief Organiser Maryam Nawaz. Calling her the ‘queen of liars’, Imran said Maryam was trying to create anarchy by calling pakhtoons terrorists.

Imran Khan added that a jalsa would be held at Minar-e-Pakistan on Wednesday. He said that the government had initially agreed to the rally but had gone on to retratct the permission. He added that the rally in Lahore would be a referendum against the system, and he would show where the public stood.

The PTI chairman also questioned the Election Commission of Pakistan on why a caretaker government had been appointed that was ‘clearly’ aligned with the ruling coalition. He also referred to caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi as ‘Zardari’s son’.

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