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PTI is a militant group, not a political party: Maryam

Says nation has found out who is the real godfather
Updated 17 Mar, 2023 05:29pm
<p>Screengrab via Aaj TV.</p>

Screengrab via Aaj TV.

Maryam Nawaz has said that events in Zaman Park had proved that PTI is a militant organisation not a political party.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, she said that people linked to terrorist organisations were part of the crowd resisting Imran Khan’s arrest in Lahore.

Maryam added that the state would have to stop treating PTI like a political party and instead deal with them in the same way a proscribed outfits are dealt with.

She also added that arresting Imran Khan would not take more than five minutes but authorities do not want to harm innocent people.

She added that leaked audios had proven that PTI was preparing to give out tickets based on who could bring ‘militant elements’ to protect Imran Khan in Zaman Park. She said that this way of awarding tickets was no different than they way terrorists brainwash suicide bombers.

Maryam also said that political movements are usually led by leaders from the forefront, but Imran Khan had shut himself up in a bunker.

Answering a question about inflation, Maryam added that she has no link to the government herself but Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was working day and night to improve the lives of people.

She added that the only way Imran Khan could avoid arrest if he gave an undertaking that he would appear whenever a court summoned him.

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