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Tuesday, April 16, 2024  
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Did GB’s police relly confront Punjab police?

CM GB Khalid Khursheed speaks out

With speculations rife that Gilgit Baltistan’s inspector general was removed from his post after GB police came face to face with Punjab police in Lahore, a new version of the story has emerged.

“Complete lies,” GB Chief Minsiter Khalid Khursheed said of the reports of the confrontation between GB and Punjab police. He was speaking on Aaj’s show Faisla Aap Ka.

He said that Zaman Park, the site of the supposed clash, was full of media persons and cameras but not a single video of any confrontation between GB and Punjab police has emerged. He added that the whole story was only Federal Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb’s version.

Khursheed added that he has been in Lahore for the past few days as PTI Chairman Imran Khan had called him for a consultation.

“Unfortunately, Zille Shah was killed the day we arrived,” he said.

He said he was about to leave Lahore on Tuesday when Imran Khan called him back for another 10-15 minutes of discussion. He said that his departure was delayed and when he finally left, the scene outside had completely transformed.

Meanwhile, Khursheed claimed, IG GB and Khursheed’s chief of security had been pressured to remove the GB police contingent that had came to guard him. He claimed that the security team was moved eight kilometres away. He said that in an atmosphere of no internet and intense tear-gas shelling, he was without security till the morning.

He also added that Rana Sanaullah has been asking the GB administration to withdraw all security from their own chief minister. However, when even the former IG could not comply beyond a certain point, he was removed.

He added that the federal government had told him that there was a threat to Imran Khan, so a team of GB police was sent to guard him. However, the federal government later told him to remove this security team. When pressed for written orders, the federal government refused.

He also said that if Asif Zardari or Bilawal come to GB they bring their own Sindh Police team with them.

He added that the Islamabad police could not deal with PTI’s protestors so the government is now looking for someone to blame. He added that GB police is still present in Zaman Park to provide security to two GB ministers.

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