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Sunday, May 28, 2023  
07 Dhul-Qadah 1444  

IHC orders inquiry after man claims police officials abducted him for ransom

Kausar Mahmood says police picked him up in plain clothse and beat him for days
<p>Kausar Mehmood at the Islamabad High Court. Photo by Asif Naveed.</p>

Kausar Mehmood at the Islamabad High Court. Photo by Asif Naveed.

The Islamabad High Court has ordered an immediate inquiry into allegations of abduction and violence made by a citizen against the police.

Justice Aamer Farooq ordered written orders to the superintendent of police to make sure the complaints are thoroughly investigated and a report submitted. The complaint was file by Kausar Mehmood to the inspector general’s office.

“The concerned SP is directed to probe into the matter and furnist a report before this court within four weeks,” the judgement read.

Kausar said he was working as a labourer along with his cousin, Ishtiaq, when he was forced into a private vehicle by the policemen in plain clothes on January 31 at around 2pm. He said that his employer, Shehzad, tried to plead for them to be set free but to no avail. He also alleged that his motorcycle, money and mobile phone were taken away from him.

He then alleges being taken to police lines in Islamabad where he was kept in a room with cattle. SHO Turab ul Hassan of Noon police station then allegdely shifted him to a brick kiln, where they were beaten for days. The police told them that they would be freed only after a ransom of Rs1 million was paid.

He has named ASI Barkat, Haji Arshad, Irfan and Ansar as the main culprits. He has also alleged that Nazir Ahmed who owns the kiln is a part of the group that routinely prey on innocent citizens.

Kausar’s family had called Rescue 15 to report his disappearance but no further action was made. They also filed a petition to free Kausar and Ishtiaq on February 6.

After the case was filed, Kausar alleged, the police decided to incriminate him in a case of illegla possession of a firearm. he also alleged that he and his cousin were presented before two individuals, Rehmat AKbar and jalil Ahmed, and told them that the two abductees were being ‘framed’ in their case.

The violence has allegedly broken Kausar’s hand, rendering him useless for work and unable to even eat food without help. He has appealed that cases be filed against the policemen who were repsonsible for torturing him.

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