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Watch motorcyclist sail into Quetta Police Lines unchecked

Video goes viral, creating fear after Peshawar attack
Published 04 Feb, 2023 08:42am

A video has gone viral in Quetta for showing something that is everyone’s nightmare: a motorcyclist sailing into the Police Lines without being checked or stopped. After the Peshawar Police Lines attack in which 100 people were killed, the video in Quetta, which has suffered more than its share of terrorist attacks, people questioned why security was so lax.

Quetta police officials had said that they had started checking the entry and exit points of Balochistan, especially in Quetta. But these claims were shattered by the video.

The motorcyclist entered the Quetta police lines from its main gate and was not stopped for an ID check or search. Officers kept chatting and other staffers went about their business without noticing someone had entered.

The IG Balochistan has said action would be taken against the officers and officials involved in the negligence.

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