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Memo reveals KP police threaten to resign en masse

Junior ranks say more than a 100,000 policemen could resign
Published 01 Feb, 2023 10:58am

A memo purportedly prepared by the Special Branch has revealed that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police are considering resigning en masse if the Peshawar mosque attack is not properly investigated.

The memo, whose copies are circulating on social media, is based on WhatsApp messages that have spread throughout the ranks by a group named All KPK Police Junior ranks.

The memo by the Special Branch says that junior ranks are united in the demand for an impartial investigation into the Peshawar Police Lines mosque attack. A joint investigation team should undertake it and the perpetrators should be found and punished.

It says that more than a 100,000 junior members of the police will hand in their resignations and boycott their units if the demands are not met.

“We will have to unite, otherwise we will have to collect our dead every day,” one of the messages quoted in the memo says.

Over 100 people, mostly policemen, were killed by what is strongly suspected to be a Jamaat ul Ahrar suicide bomber on Monday.

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